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"My car looks brand new, and the inside is far cleaner than I left it!"

— Chelsey B.

"Very helpful. Super friendly. They helped us when we were broken down on a cross country trip even tho we eventually had to go to the dealer."

— Dwayne T.

"great service, with a knowledgeable team...they had us back on the road in 2 hours...."

— Betty S.

"Great people and great service. We where stranded in town with our RV and they got are tow vehicle back on the road right away!"

— Jim L.

"I broke down with my family and 2 dogs the night before thanksgiving traveling from Boise to Utah. These guys were the only mechanic we could find in town that would work with us. Although they couldn't get it fixed that day, they stayed late the day after thanksgiving to make sure we could return our rental car on time and make it home on time. I'd recommend these guys after our experience! "


"Thanks for finally getting my check engine light back to normal. I have had other repair places trying to fix this problem including "thee" Chevy dealer service shop and they couldn't figure it out. Nice job Folks."

— Surecritic Review

"Great shop to go to! Very honest and helpful! Will definitely be going back!! Thank you for great service!!"

— Danielle B.

"They have done a great job on My vehicle. They do what they tell me and are always honest."

— Ryan .B

"So impressed and happy with this repair shop! My husband and I were on our way to Denver when our Volvo SUV broke down outside of town. We phoned Addison early the next day and thankfully took us in same day. They even found a part from a salvage yard - very clever since we would have fun stuck for days waiting for a new part to be delivered! We were on the road within the same day and our vehicle is driving great. Thank you so much Addison Car Care!"

— Jeniffer B.

"I had 2 of my little ones waiting while the car was being fixed up. They did a good thorough job on the car and Shawn was awesome at answering all the questions my kids and I had. Thanks!"

— Jodi W. in Twin Falls, ID

"Wonderful service. Great quality work and always honest with what needs done. Would recommend to others and do often."

— Hannah S.

"Chris and his team. always do a great job. Highly recommended."

— Curtis H.

"Addison Car Care did a great job fixing my truck. I have had the same code popping up for over a year. kept taking it to my regular mechanic and was never fixed. Chris and his mechanics had it for one day and found and fixed the problem. Everyone was super friendly. Would gladly recommend them to all my family and friends."

— Thomas & Shawna F.

"They are inexpensive and have a great staff and the owner and his wife work on site."

— Bill P.

"Car broke down and just happened to get dropped here. They were able to get us in first thing in the morning and figure out our problem. Our car was leaking oil, probably due to us not tightening the oil filter enough. $65 for diagnostics and oil top off in under 2 hours. They were very friendly and even let us wait with our two dogs inside."

— Nick D.

"Another great job. Addison Car Care is the best in the valley."

— Mr./Ms. A. In Twin Falls

"This business is very professional and reasonably priced. They did everything they promised."

— Jason A.

"The employees at this business were friendly and explained things in detail. They did what they were supposed to do and the vehicle is working great now."

— April B. in Idaho

"The business did a good job. They were reasonable and got him in right away."

— Chuck B. in Filer

"This business did exactly what they were supposed to do. The service price was a lot cheaper than it was when they first quoted him a price."

— Anthony A. in Twin Falls, ID

"Been going to the business for years and they have always done a good job."

— Alice K. in Lemhi, ID